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By Tom Sloper
June 24, 2012

Column #525

American Mah Jongg (2012 NMJL card). What would you discard?

1. Fives and nines in two suits; could be the seventh Odds hand or Like Numbers (but no flowers, and only one J). Consec. #1 is weak; throw 6D or 8D.

2. Consec. #1, two ways (both having seven tiles, not counting jokers), or Odds #1 (eight tiles). The high Consec. is stronger than the low, since both pairs are present, so throw 2D or 4D.

3. Elevens. You have an extra one. Ditch it already. (Even if you go for Consec. #1, you have too many ones.)

4. Consec. or Odds? Eight tiles for the last Odds hand (not counting J); seven tiles for Consec. #1. Only six tiles for Odds #1, so let 1D or 3D go.

5. Strongest hand here is the bottom Consec. hand, so all tiles left of 1B can go. Choose any one to throw.

6. Like Numbers or Elevens? Either way, 5D and 6B are expendable.

7. 2012 or W-D. F is not needed for the 2012 option; soap and 2B are not needed for the W-D option. Either way, you have a superfluous E. Chuck it.

8. You can go Consec. #1, #3, or #5. That leaves 9D as expendable. Out with it!

9. To go with those ones, you need N and S, not E and W. You have three-fourths of a 2012, and too many Ws; six tiles for 2012 #1 (not counting J). Six tiles for Like Numbers too. Stop spinning wheels; just get rid of a W.

10. Consec. #1 just outnumbers Like Numbers by one (and you have no 5C). So throw F or 5B. Joker bait works better with a pair than a triplet. If it's early in the game, throw 5B now; if it's later in the game, don't wait to throw F (it'll just get hotter).

11. Consec. #3 (seven tiles) or #5 (eight tiles); #5 is stronger by one. 2C and 5D are expendable, and you have one extra F. Discard F.

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