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Taiwanese mah-jongg author Dragon Chang came to the U.S. in August of 2003, on a book promotion tour. His book is listed in FAQ 3 and is reviewed in full somewhere at

I first met Dragon and his daughter Keri at the World Championship of Mah-Jongg in Tokyo in October 2002.

Dragon attended the Marjorie Troum Mah Jongg Tournament West with me. The tournament was run by Steve and Roberta Last of Travel Wizard. Their website is The tournament was featured in a Las Vegas Sun article on August 26. The article is online at Photos of the tournament will be found at , as soon as I can!

Before attending that tournament, though, Dragon needed to learn about American mah-jongg. Dragon and Keri visited me in my home the week before the tournament...

Some photos of Dragon and Keri from the 2002 WCMJ in Tokyo...

Keri was one of the tournament translators. She speaks at least four languages fluently.

Dragon and Keri are at the left (back row). I'm in there somewhere too, but this can't all be about me, now, can it.

Oops, Dragon got kind of cut off at the left in this one, heh.

And that last one is Dragon at the Las Vegas tournament. To see more pictures of the WCMJ, click here To see more pictures of the Las Vegas tournament, click here. And Dragon came to Hainan to say hello at the CMOC as well...

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