"New Style" Mah-Jongg at Farmers Market (Los Angeles)

This group plays twice a week, during the daytime. At first the group played Taiwanese style, then switched to New Style. Paul, the group's leader, is planning to introduce "12-Tile Mah-Jongg" sometime soon. (For rules of these three styles of mah-jongg, see the book by Amy Lo, listed in our FAQ 3.

The dice have been rolled. Now to break the wall and deal. Note that we do not stack the walls but instead lie the tiles in twin rows.

A closeup of the table, mid-game. It probably looks confusing to you, but it makes sense. Note that our discards are placed in neat rows in front of each player (Japanese style). We use rulers (not racks). And when making a chow, the taken discard is specially placed.

Chris wins! He displays the tiles preparatory to counting the points.