Japanese Mah-Jongg at "Janyou" (Torrance)

Another Los Angeles area mah-jongg club where I play Japanese style.

The club is run by Fujiko-chan (left). The pretty young lady on the right keeps players supplied with refreshments as they play.

A look at the dealing machines we play on. The circular area in the center raises up to reveal the inner workings of the machine. Push all the tiles in and press a button to shuffle the tiles. (See also FAQ 7f.)

A lower view of the table. Notice that when the walls are served up, they are staggered (not one long 17-stack wall, but rather staggered into 6-5-6, for ease of breaking). At the bottom of the picture you see the scoring chart, above the chip drawer.

A closeup of the scoring chart and chip drawer. In this club, the yakitori markers are stored in the drawer when a player has made a win (see FAQ 7d for more about these special pieces).

A footnote: since these pictures were taken, the parlor changed hands and now has a new name. It's now called Tokyo Kaikan. In 2003, the touring JMPA players visited Tokyo Kaikan - PHOTOS HERE.