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Adding Pictures for Your Bulletin Board Post

We do not host photos for sellers posting items for sale on our bulletin boards (nor for buyers looking for particular items). You will want to add a link to a picture of your tiles, pieces or sets in order for others to see them. To do this you need digitized pictures of your item(s), and some web space where you can post them.



    Here are some online photo services (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Flickr
  • PBase
  • PhotoBucket
  • Shutterfly
  • Snapfish
  • TinyPic
  • Zoto

    ... And you can find even more if you do a simple Google search (or a Yahoo search) for the search string "free image hosting" or something along those lines. If an image hosting site wants to charge you money, just go to one of the others. Be aware of hosting sites that monetize your usage with advertising, and what kind of products or services they advertise.


    After you've posted your photos on the Internet, copy the URL (the address) of your photos, and include the URL in your "item for sale" posting. You can also email the URL to potential buyers. A URL for your photos might look like this, for instance:

    After you've posted your photos, you can find the URL by simply looking in your browser's address box. Just highlight it and hit Control-C to grab it. Then you can paste it into emails by using Control-V. Be aware that we do not spend the time to make your URLs clickable for you when we post your announcement. People who want to see your photos will have to copy the URL and paste it into their browsers' address boxes.

    If any of the instructions above are unclear, then we are sorry, but don't ask for more. We cannot take the time to educate visitors on how to use computers or the internet (the purpose of this site is to educate visitors on the game of mah-jongg). You simply have to be reasonably computer-literate to use the free services that we offer here.

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Thank you!