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FAQ 2. Choosing and Identifying a Mah-Jongg Type

Before You Buy Any Mah-Jongg Materials, Make Sure You Buy The Right Thing

Like it says in FAQ 1, Mah-Jongg is played in many different ways. The first thing you have to do is make sure you know which kind of mah-jongg you want to invest your time and/or money in. So...

a. If you are new to mah-jongg, first you need to choose a rule set to study.
b. If you are already playing mah-jongg, and are not sure which of the 22 known varieties of mah-jongg you play, you need to find out!

This FAQ will help you with both. Click the following links to jump to the appropriate section of this FAQ.

Which of the following most closely resembles your current question?...

PART A. "Which Mah-Jongg rules should I learn?"

PART B. "How to find out which version of Mah-Jongg you or your friends play."

"I just want to see a detailed overview of the major types of mah-jongg."

"I want to see an abbreviated overview of all of the numerous types of mah-jongg existing around the world today."

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