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FAQ 2a. Choosing a Mah-Jongg Variant

Before You Buy A Mah-Jongg Set or Book, Make Sure You Buy The Right Thing

Like it says in FAQ 1, Mah-Jongg is played in many different ways. The first thing you have to do is make sure you know which kind of mah-jongg you want to invest your time and/or money in.

a. So, if you are new to mah-jongg, first you need to choose a rule set to study.
b. If you are already playing mah-jongg, and are not sure which of the 22 known varieties of mah-jongg you play, you need to find out.

This FAQ will help you with both. Click the following links to jump to the appropriate section of this FAQ.

I live and teach in Los Angeles. Sometimes somebody asks me to teach but doesn't know which variant they should learn. I narrow it down to two choices:

But if you want more choices (or if you don't live in North America), you can take the questionnaire below!

"Which Mah-Jongg rules should I learn?"

This questionnaire is intended to help people who are interested in learning Mah-Jongg but don't know where to begin. Print this FAQ. For each question, circle any and all answers that apply to you (including the mysterious letters that follow the answer).


When you circled an option, you should have also circled some capital letters following that option. Count up all the times that each letter was circled. For example, if you are female, you circled "AVWONTC" and if your heritage is Jewish American, you circled "A" -- you now have two A's circled, along with one V, one W, one O, and so on. Figure out which letter you circled the most, and look for that letter in the list of "Mah-Jongg Rules" below. That is the game that you should study. See FAQ3 for books to help you get started. For example, if you're female, speak only English, are Jewish, and live on the East Coast, then you should consider learning the American game (rather than, for example, scouring the worldwide web for English-language rules for Japanese Mah-Jongg). If you're male, love gambling, and live on the West Coast -- then you should consider Modern Japanese Mah-Jongg (rather than, say, joining an American group). These results are by no means scientific. You only used the questionnaire because you were clueless, right? -- well, now you have some clues! That doesn't mean you shouldn't study American rules if you live on the west coast -- you certainly could (there /are/ groups on the west coast who play American rules; it's not strictly an East Coast game). Do what you want -- but now you know a little more about it.

MAH-JONGG RULES YOU SHOULD STUDY (which letter did you circle the most?) Note: the names of the various flavors of MJ are not necessarily universally recognized. Some authorities may call a particular style of MJ by a different name.


Thanks to Alan Kwan for helping fine-tune this questionnaire.

Want to know more about the various kinds of mah-jongg existing in the world today? Click here to go to PART B: "How to find out which version of Mah-Jongg you or your friends play."

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FAQ 2a (How to choose a rule set)

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