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FAQ 4b. Websites about Mah-Jongg

Latest update: February, 2023

FAQ 4a lists websites that I refer people to most frequently. This page, FAQ 4B, lists a lot more mah-jongg sites.

If you play American mah-jongg or if you're looking for information about your mah-jongg set, check not only below but also FAQ 4a and FAQ 7. If you play Japanese mah-jongg, check not only below but also FAQ 25. If you're researching mah-jongg history, check not only below but also FAQ 11. If you play Mahjong Competition Rules (Chinese Official), check not only below but also FAQ 22.

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Sites pop up or disappear all the time. I do not guarantee that the links below are all still active. You can use the Internet WayBack Machine ( and find web pages that have gone offline. In addition to checking the links below, I recommend that you also search the web yourself. Many of the sites linked below also contain links to other equally great sites about Mah-Jongg -- it never ends!

Oh... and if you are looking for sites about solitaire tile-matching games, see FAQ 12.  This page lists sites about true mah-jongg only.

Click on the section you're interested in, to jump straight to it.

Mah-Jongg RULES Sites

A reminder: because every author describes the rules differently, it is not recommended that you spend a lot of time trying to reconcile one author's rules with another's (even when they are ostensibly defining the same mah-jongg variant!).

For reader convenience, these Rules sites are categorized by variant. For a complete "menu" of the various flavors of mah-jongg, read FAQ 2b. Since some sites describe multiple varieties of mah-jongg, there may be some duplication.

General Mah-Jongg INFORMATION Sites



Mah-Jongg TOURNAMENT Sites

Mah-Jongg LINKS Sites

Sites where you can find links to lots more mah-jongg sites - it never ends!


Just in case English isn't your favorite language... (^_^)

Mah-Jongg-RELATED (or maybe not-quite-so-related) Sites

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