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FAQ 13. Q: "Four-player mah-jongg sounds too complicated.

  • I'm familiar with "Shanghai" tile-matching, and I want to do that with a friend, using real tiles.
  • I want to know about other solitaire games using mah-jongg tiles."

    Click here to read about Shanghai AKA The Turtle
    Click here to read about Four Rivers AKA Shisensho
    Click here to read about Catching The Tortoise
    Click here to read about Paihinmin
    Click here to read about Mahjong Bingo

    Here is how to play the most traditional tile-matching game first popularized by Activision's "Shanghai" and also by other computer games like "Taipei" and "Kyodai" and often erroneously called "mah-jongg." Perhaps it is best called "mah-jongg solitaire." Some folks in China call it...


    So we'll call it "The Turtle," or "Shanghai," interchangeably.


    There's a site (in German) that shows how to play dominos with mah-jongg tiles at

    If you know of other solitaire and 2P games that can be played with mah-jongg tiles, please contact me.

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