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FAQ #24. How To Get Tech Support For Your Computer MahJong Game

If you are having a problem with a computer game, Technical Support (also called Customer Support) can only be obtained from the game's publisher. So first you have to find out who the publisher of your game is, then you have to contact the publisher's Customer Support department.

To Find Out Who Published Your Computer Game

  • If the game is played through your browser, there must be contact information somewhere on the front page where you log in. Look for it. Click links. Find out how to contact them.

  • If the game is played on your mobile device, look on the title screen for the name of the game's publisher or developer. If there's a Help icon, tap it. If there is no Help icon, go on the internet and search for the publisher/developer's website, and find out how to contact them.

  • It's rare these days for games to come on CDs or DVDs. But if your game came on a CD, look on the box or the jewel case the disc was packaged in. The publisher's name and Customer Support information is on there.

  • It's rare for games to come with paper manuals anymore, but if your game came with one, look in the manual. The publisher's name and Customer Support information is in there.

  • If the game works at all, and you can access its Help menu or its About dialog, you can find the publisher's name there. Then you can search the Internet for that publisher name to get their contact information.

  • Some publishers install the game in a folder whose name is the same as the publisher's. That is to say, if your game is named "MyMJ.exe" it might have been installed into a folder named "AcePub." So find where in your hard drive your game is installed, and see if you get a publisher name that way. Then you can search the Internet for that publisher name to get their contact information.

  • You can also just search the Internet using the name of your game - usually there'll be a reference on a website somewhere that tells who the game's publisher is.

  • Or maybe you don't need to search the Internet, if you're playing an online game. Just look at the web address of your browser while you're in the game you're having a problem with. Maybe the website you're already on is the "publisher" you need to talk to... or maybe it isn't. Depending.

    To Find Out How To Contact The Publisher

  • If you can find the website, there is usually a "Contact" or "Support" link somewhere. If there's a phone number, that's best.

  • If you can find the website, but there is no phone number or email address, you can send emails to or (you have to change "" to the actual domain name of the publisher's website). But if you do this, it's a shot in the dark. Make sure you clearly state, up front, in a very short email, "I couldn't find Customer Support contact info on the website - please forward to Customer Support."

  • If you can't find a website for your game's publisher, then know this: Sometimes publishers are acquired, or merge with another publisher. An Internet search might turn up the website of the current publisher whose Customer Support department can help you with your game.

  • Sometimes publishers simply go out of business. If your game's publisher has gone bye-bye, then nobody can answer your questions for you, and you should simply obtain a newer game. Seeking support for a defunct computer game whose publisher cannot be contacted is what's called "a fool's errand." There are lots of newer games to choose from. FAQ 12 lists every known solitaire tile-matching game, and FAQ 5 lists every known "true mah-jongg" game. (If you know of some games that are not listed, please email links to "webmaster at sloperama dot com.")

    What To Do When You Contact The Publisher

  • Provide detailed info about your computer or device, the version you have, and what the problem is. The typical "tech support message from hell" goes like this: "Hey what gives, MJPro doesn't work on my computer, HELLPP!!" . . . Come on, what's anybody gonna do with that?? -- User didn't tell what specific MJPro game [full title and version #] the user has -- user didn't say if s/he has a Macintosh or Windows Millennium Edition or Windows XP or what -- and "doesn't work" could mean anything! Be specific. The maker/publisher needs clues in order to help you, and only you can provide them.

    The best way to get tech support is by telephone, but unfortunately most companies make it difficult to get hold of a human these days. If you call them, a very quick two-way communication will quickly get to the heart of your problem. On the other hand, if you email a tech support question, you need to provide information about your system and about your problem (you have to give them a lot of information up front in order to prevent the two-way communication turning into a three-week process, which is why telephone is better). It takes a lot longer to get tech support via email than via phone, and the email method requires you to work a lot harder. Telephone is best.

    The foregoing notwithstanding: You can email me your question about your computer game, but you need to state (1) which mah-jongg app you play, (2) what device you play the game on, and (3) a clear question. I can post it on my bulletin board, where maybe another reader will write in with the answer to your question.

    Also, you can try posting your question on Reddit's Mahjong forum ( But don't ask me how to use Reddit! :grin: You'll find a lot of the discussion there is about Japanese majan and Chinese majiang. Your needle could be there in that haystack somewhere!

    Good luck finding the answer to your technical support question.

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