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FAQ #24. How To Get Tech Support For Your Computer MahJong Game

There are three approaches you can take:

1. Look for a Help option in your game, and/or ask the makers of your game.
The makers/owners of the game bear the responsibility of providing tech support to the game's customers. Maybe they have a contact for customer support questions. Or maybe they have FAQs that answer your question(s).

2. Google your question. Others may have asked before you.
You may have to try several search strings (word your question multiple ways).

3. Broadcast your question to a wide audience, where the audience can post replies.
Like Reddit, or Quora, or Twitter, or Facebook...
Reddit's Mahjong forum is at

Whether you ask your game's maker (approach 1 above) or "the crowd" (approach 3 above) you must...

Provide all necessary information about your question.

Good luck finding the answer to your technical support question. Do not send your technical support questions to me. Scroll down and you'll see why...

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