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FAQ 28. She stops the Charleston too much!

Frequently heard complaint: "We have a player who stops the Charleston a lot. What can we do?"
The answer: "Not much."

Too simplistic a response? Need more? Okay, you asked for it.

We're talking about getting people to change. People resist change. People can only change if they want to change. Motivating people to change is very hard. If you have a player who has a habit that's abhorrent to you, you have only two choices: deal with it, or stop playing with that person. You cannot change her. Or him. As the case may be.

My personal belief is that stopping the Charleston is not all that bad. It seldom happens that miracles occur on the second Charleston. If you were thinking that stopping the Charleston also skips the Courtesy pass, that's wrong; it doesn't. Anyone (even the stopper) may still offer up to 3 tiles with her/his opposite. When someone stops the Charleston, just accept it and move on. Magic was unlikely to happen in the second dance anyway.

If you still want to try to convince your Charleston-stopper by thoroughly discussing the pros and cons of stopping the Charleston, read on! There are strategic as well as etiquette issues at play, separate from the rules.

In this FAQ, we shall examine those issues by reviewing past Q&As from the Mah-Jongg Q&A Bulletin Board, in chronological order:

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