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FAQ 7Q: Where To Buy Blank Tiles

I Need Blank Mah Jong Tiles!
What quantity of blanks are you seeking? Just a few? Or a whole lot? Those entirely different questions get entirely different answers. So click the link that most closely matches your quest:

I don't want Large Quantities. And I don't want to go to Hong Kong. And I'm not an entrepreneur. I just need 8 blanks for the set I foolishly bought without first reading the FAQs!

Look. It's going to be hard enough to find tiles that precisely match yours in look, material, and dimensions. I don't recommend making your quest even harder by insisting on blank tiles.

Your best bet is to obtain any extra tiles that match your set, and simply sticker them. See FAQ 4a for places to buy stickers and tiles - also you can read my "tiles for sale" BB and post on our "tiles wanted" BB (click the underlined links or use the nav frame at left).

On our Tiles For Sale bulletin board, see if anyone has offered tiles like yours - find posts from folks who offer various loose tiles for sale, and contact them to see if they have any like yours. Then, failing that, visit our Tiles Wanted bulletin board, and post your announcement about what you're seeking. On the Tiles Wanted BB, read everything at the top -- there is information there about other sources for replacement tiles. To get joker stickers visit our Maj Links page (FAQ 4a) and look in the Commercial Vendors and Suppliers section. Or read FAQ 7t and learn how to make your own joker stickers.

You can access the other bulletin boards and the FAQs via the Site Links in the nav frame at left.

And at some point, if you can't get those tiles to match your set, you may have to simply buy a set that was intended for the American game in the first place. You can always sell your other set on eBay or in a yard sale (or on our Sets For Sale board) or something.

I need blank tiles in LARGE QUANTITIES

I get asked this more often than you'd think. So many entrepreneurs want to make their own sets, or tchotchkes, or whatever, and need blank tiles in large quantities for the purpose.

Contact the Internet mah jongg vendors (listed in FAQ 4a). If none of them can provide what you need, go to Hong Kong. Dust off your passport, pack a travel bag, and go. Take a printout of the companies listed in FAQ #7m with you. After a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast of dim sum, open the yellow pages and grab a cab (or if really adventurous, use ferry, subway, travelator...). You could also inquire with these manufacturers (take a printout of this FAQ along with you as well):

How did I get those addresses? I was a member of the Hong Kong Association here in my city. Through that membership, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC or TDC, the premier trade portal for doing business with Hong Kong), sent me the information. And how did I get the addresses in FAQ 7m? I went to Hong Kong and looked in the yellow pages.

You can also try "Peggy" Y.Y. Yao's company, AONET.Ltd, in mainland China. The website offers numerous types of sets for sale, and I think they might be able to get blank tiles for you (although I don't think this company is a manufacturer). I'm not sure, but I think English may be spoken here.

To repeat the admonishment atop FAQ 7m: For the most part, I do not recommend that you try to contact these companies from home, using English, and order merchandise via mail, phone, fax, etc., for four reasons (one more than given in FAQ 7m):

If you do have blank tiles and want to get them engraved, Dee Gallo engraves and restores sets, and creates custom sets. Visit Note: since 2019, Dee has suspended all service until further notice. The owner of does not know of any other sources for this type of service.

Note: for more about restoring tiles, see FAQ 7o, the Cleaning/Restoring FAQ. Lots more great tidbits of mah jongg info here on Sloperama. Use the nav frame at left to visit the rest of the site.

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