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FAQ 7R: I need Jokers!

I need 8 jokers for my set that doesn't have any!

Look. It's going to be hard enough to find tiles that precisely match yours in look, material, and dimensions. I don't recommend making your quest even harder by insisting on jokers.

Your best bet is to obtain any extra tiles that match your set, and simply sticker them.

Read the listings on the "tiles for sale" BB and post your own listing on our "tiles wanted" BB (click the underlined links or use the nav frame at left).

Note: On our Tiles Wanted bulletin board, read everything at the top -- there is information there about other sources for replacement tiles. Matthew Shim's Mahjong Tile Replacements & Museum site and The National Mah Jongg League offer individual tiles for sale. The NMJL service runs from May to December only (the rest of the time they're focused on the yearly card). Send them an example tile along with the money like it says at, and maybe they'll be able to help you. Worst that can happen is they send your stuff back. There's still Matthew Shim (

Also: on the Tiles For Sale bulletin board, see if anyone has offered tiles like yours - find posts from folks who offer various loose tiles for sale, and contact them to see if they have any like yours. Then, failing that, visit our Tiles Wanted bulletin board, and post your announcement about what you're seeking. To get joker stickers visit our Maj Links page (FAQ 4a) and look in the Commercial Vendors and Suppliers section. Or read FAQ 7t and learn how to make your own joker stickers. You can access those bulletin boards and FAQs via the Site Links in the nav frame at left.

And at some point, if you can't get those tiles to match your set, you may have to simply buy a set that was intended for the American game in the first place. You can always sell your other set on eBay or in a yard sale (or on our Sets For Sale board) or something.

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