Before You Telephone Sloperama Productions

To prospective new business clients and journalists: My apologies for this. I don't mean to make it difficult for you to reach Sloperama Productions by telephone. But I get too many non-business phone calls, and calls that raise me out of bed, thus this "firewall" to reduce non-business calls is necessary.

This is a home office. The telephone is for business calls, journalists, friends, and family ONLY. My telephone is not to be used for questions about mah-jongg, or to request game career advice.

If you are in the game business and wish to call me to discuss my game development consulting services, click here.
If you're a game industry recruiter or headhunter and wish to discuss a job opening, click here.
If you're an educator and wish to talk to me about teaching at your school, click here.
If you're an event organizer and wish to talk to me about speaking at your conference, click here.
If you're interested in having me teach mah-jongg to your group or class, click here.
If you want to hire me to appraise a mah-jongg set, click here.
If you are a journalist and wish to interview me for a news story you are researching, click here.
If you're a relative or friend who's lost my phone number, click here.

None of the above: If you don't clearly fit any of the above exception categories, click here to continue to the next page.