Before You Telephone Me - A WORD ABOUT TIME ZONES

I live in California. If you are not in the Pacific Time Zone, please bear with me and think about how time zones work for a moment.

I'm open for business calls starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. If you are calling from the eastern United States, be aware of the time difference. 9:00 AM Pacific Time is 12:00 noon, Eastern Time. It's earlier here, and if you call me at 9:00 AM from the east coast, you will wake me up at 6:00 AM!

For those of you who are well aware that I'm in California and that it's 3 hours earlier here, my apologies for having had to make you read this. A lot of people call without thinking about time zones.

For those of you who need help converting your time to Pacific time, has a great time zone converter.

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