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  • "I'm a student. My teacher has assigned me a career interview project, and I want to interview you about working in the game industry." If this comes close to your situation, click here.
  • "I've designed a totally new game concept but I'm not in the game industry. I am looking for expert help in developing the game, in exchange for future royalties when the game is finished someday." - Click here.
  • "I'm looking for advice about getting into the game business as a programmer/artist/designer/producer/marketer/audio/tester." - Click here.
  • "My nephew is a gung-ho game player and wants to get into the business." - Click here.
  • "Can you send me a list of game companies in Oklahoma?" - Click here.
  • "I'm in the game industry, I'm in Los Angeles, and I'd like to buy you lunch at a nice restaurant in West L.A. and get your advice on advancing my career." - Click here.
  • "I have a mah-jongg business and I'd like to talk to you about placing a paid ad on your site." - Click here.
  • "I have a mah-jongg business and I'd like to ask you about mah-jongg demographics." - Click here.
  • "I have a computer game and I'm having a problem with it." - Click here.
  • "I'm a mah-jongg teacher and I'd like you to add me to your list of mah-jongg teachers in FAQ 4a." - Click here.
  • "Do you know where I can buy a mah-jongg table?" - Click here.
  • "How much is a genuine ivory mah-jongg set worth?" - Click here.
  • "I'm a hotel concierge, and a guest is looking for a mah-jongg game to join tomorrow night." Click here.

    If you are in doubt whether yours would be a business call or not, it probably isn't. Please email me rather than calling. If your query is not a business query, the response will be given on the Game Biz Advice board or the Mah-Jongg Q&A board.

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