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What is Shanghai?

Classic Shanghai

Shanghai For Kids

Two-Player Shanghai


Arcade Mode


Power Dragon's Eye


Mah-Jongg: Introduction

.....Mah-Jongg Basics

American Mah-Jongg: Basic Information

.....American Mah-Jongg Options

.....Playing American Mah-Jongg

.....American Mah-Jongg Scoring and Strategies

.....How To Program Your Own American Mah-Jongg Card

Chinese Mah-Jongg Rules & Options

.....Chinese Special Hands (Many images**)

.....Strategies for Chinese Mah-Jongg

Japanese Mah-Jongg Rules & Options (Many images**)

.....Japanese Yaku (Special Hands) (Many images**)

.....Scoring Japanese Mah-Jongg

.....Strategies for Japanese Mah-Jongg

.....Glossary of Japanese Mah-Jongg Terms

Western Mah-Jongg Rules & Options

.....Western Special Hands (Many images**)

More About Mah-Jongg; Dictionary & FAQ

.....Books About Mah-Jongg

.....Tips on Buying Mah-Jongg Tiles

.....How to Print Your Mah-Jongg Results

Playing the Multi-Player Games Online

Using the Menus in Shanghai: Second Dynasty

How to Make Your Own Tile Sets for the Shanghai Games

How to Make Your Own Layouts for the Shanghai Games

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