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Learn Chinese Official Mah-Jongg

  • THE RED DRAGON & THE WEST WIND is by our own Tom Sloper, and describes the Mahjong Competition Rules in detail (as well as the American rules). The book is published by HarperCollins. Read more about it here.

  • MAJIANG COMPETITION RULES ("MCR") is the official English translation of the rules that were used in the 2002 World Championship and 2007 World Championship and at other international competitions. Download from - click "Downlod Mahjong Competition Rules(PDF)."
  • Supplement the above with the MCR ERRATA/Addenda file HERE. And you should also download Per Starbäck's "Beyond the Green Book" at
  • NEW IN 2014: The official Mahjong Competition Rules were updated in 2014. Download latest version at
  • NEW IN 2014: The "Primary" Competition Rules (in which "primary" means "for beginners") were also announced in 2014. Download the primary primer at
  • FAQ 22 answers the most frequently asked questions about Chinese Official scoring.
  • Former World Champion Mai Hatsune and fellow Japanese champion player Takunori Kajimoto have written the definitive strategy guide to Mahjong Competition Rules. It's been translated into English and is at

  • COMPETITION MAHJONG OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL RULEBOOK ("OIRB"). Takeshobo, 2002. ISBN 4-8124-0944-6. Condensed and now somewhat outdated English translation of the official Chinese rules, still useful as a reference. Translator: Ryan Morris. You can download it by clicking HERE.

  • Dragon Chang's book also describes the International rules.

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