Tom's Excellent WCMJ* Adventure
* World Championship in Mah-Jongg
October 22-27, 2002, Tokyo, Japan

WCMJ, DAY ONE - Let The Games Begin! 10/24

All fresh from (hopefully) a good night's sleep, the contestants find their tables and prepare to begin playing.
A few words from Mr. Okuma, Chairman of the JMOC (Japan Mahjong Organizing Committee).
The captain of the Chinese players vows to play fairly and with malice to none.
The captain of the American players vows to play fairly and to kick some ass, come hell or falling signboards. (The velcro holding up that blue sign at upper right is starting to rip apart - see the tilt? Ki wo tsukete!! Heads up!!)
Here I am playing with a really tough opponent. Kazutoshi Iwasawa (with jacket sleeve rolled up so as not to knock over any tiles) placed 11th among the 100 players! (I placed 67th.) Photo courtesy of JMOC and Mr. Nagi.
Bob Lee (his Chinese name is Li Jin) had the judges over to discuss the scoring of a particular hand. His final placement was 5th in the individual standings.
The Dutch-American team never passed up a photo op!
And that goes equally for the Swedish-Russian team.
Our "official team photo." Photo courtesy of JMOC and Mr. Nagi.

The WCMJ was a multi-faceted event! Click on the links to read the chapters.

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