By Tom Sloper


April 24, 2003

Chinese Official (CMCR). "Oh, God!"

"[Sigh.] Yes, Noriko?"

"What have you dealt me this time?"

"Why is it you are only happy 25% of the time, Noriko? Don't answer that. It was rhetorical."

Noriko had notoriously bad luck with All Pairs, except after committing to All Pungs! With a sigh, she threw 1B.

Samantha threw N, so on her turn, Noriko did too. On Samantha's next turn, she threw 8C, and Noriko's heart stopped. "Decide, decide!" As Waiyee reached for the wall, Noriko said, "Pung."

Her next pick was 5B.

Out went the 2D. Her next pick (naturally) was North. With a sigh, she threw it away. When Earl threw 5B, Noriko jumped on it. All of her singles were raw. She threw 7B.

A couple of turns later, she had two Flowers and a 2C.

The wall was still fairly long, but she was still nervous as she discarded 4B. Safe! But a couple more turns down the road she picked 3C. "What did I tell you?" she gave God a dirty look and broke up 1D.

Again with the 7B! God's revenge for the dirty look. She threw the tile out and it lay, mockingly, near its mate.

Shortly after, Samantha took Noriko's discarded G for a pung, then Noriko picked the third 1D. She was really upset at God now!

In short order, Samantha threw 4D. "Pung!" And Earl threw 3C. "Woo."

Noriko didn't know whether to apologize to God or stick out her tongue at him. So she did neither.

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