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By Tom Sloper
December 25, 2016

Column #662

American Mah Jongg (2016 NMJL card). Watched It's A Wonderful Life again last night. Buffalo gals came out and danced the Charleston, and perhaps our continuing dance from last week could result in "a very interesting situation!" Our foursome's situation after first across:

1.3. Following the four steps, we have only one pair: reds. The problem with dragon pairs is that they can sometimes lead you astray, especially with the paucity of dragon hands on the 2016 card. Player 1 was entertaining three options (Like Numbers #2, 369 #1, Consecutive Runs #4), each using the dragon pair. Three options is too many. Count! Like Numbers: four tiles (not counting the joker); 369: five tiles; Consec.: five tiles. Two strikes against Like Numbers: fewest tiles, and it's a concealed hand. There are 2 ways to go for the Consec. hand: 2B 3C 4B RR, and 3D 4C 5D RR. That leaves three passers: 2C 6D W. Say "first left."

2.3. Only pair: flowers. High numbers is all player 2's got; pass W N and a low number, like 2D. "First left."

3.3. Another player whose only pair is dragons; in this case, G. As noted above, dragon pairs may not do anything. Consec. #4? There's 4B 5C GG (just four tiles). How about Odds #4? 5C 7C GG (just four tiles). 2016? There's a 2016 in craks (four tiles), without any friends. Like Numbers #2? 6D Wh GG 6C (five tiles, but a closed hand). There's junk here: S 1C 2C.

4.3. Two pairs: threes. Like Numbers #1, or 369, or odds. Too many choices. Since the strength is threes, keep low numbers (something player 4 had not considered in the first two passes). Pass N 8C, and blind pass one (only to preserve lows and 369s).

1.4. Consec. #4's two options give you flexibility; 369 #1 is still a reasonable option. Make a pyramid of 2D W N and say "second left."

2.4. High numbers with (still) no direction. Say "second left," and pass lows: S 1C 2C (keeping a 369 option).

3.4. Regretting passing 2C and 1C last time (could have gone for a 2016 hand with winds). Winds are going around, and those Gs aren't doing anything. Total shift: pass G G 4B and say "second left."

4.4. Stay with 3s, 6s, 9s. Pass 1D 4B 2C. "Second left."

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