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By Tom Sloper (トム•スローパー)
2008年 2月 24日
Column #354

Maybe it's because I just returned from the annual Game Developers Conference, but I'm thinking "outside the box" today. What if when you got your tiles, you could just play whatever kind of mah-jongg you wanted to? "Player's choice." If you got the following deals, which kind of mah-jongg would you want to play it in, and how would you play it? My answers below. No peeking ahead!

1. Very nice for Chinese Classical (CC), Hong Kong Old Style (HKOS), or Japanese riichi majan. Kinda depends on what comes into the hand. If I pick G, I'd go for All Types in Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR). If I got another wind, dragon, or sore thumb suit tile, I'd throw that back and play riichi. Already got yaku in E.

2. The joker indicates American mah-jongg, and the two pairs are a better-than-usual start towards a 13579 hand. So I'd order up a Charleston and pass 3D 4D 4B.

3. The Wests don't go with the sevens and nines, so I don't want to go American with this one. Any Asian variant will do. I'd put that flower out, and see what replacement tile I get, chuck 5D for starters. By the way, since I get to pick which game to play, I get to decide how jokers are used too, right? (^_^)

4. The 2 flowers, 2B, and 466D suggest the 3rd hand in 2468 on the 2007 NMJL card, so that's what I like for this one. I'd pass 1B E 7C in the Charleston.

5. That's what I'm talkin' about! Three pairs and two jokers. I want to use this for chiitoitsu in riichi... if I'm allowed to make a pair with the jokers, that is. If I'm not, though, then I'd like to go for toi-toi (All Pungs) in either MCR or riichi. Discard 1C for starters.

6. Oh yeah, I want to go for Outside Hand in MCR with this. I'll replace the flower, and discard W or 2C. Can I use that joker to make a 123 or 789 chow? American prohibitions against using jokers as single tiles don't apply, right? Wright-Patterson rules don't include rules for jokers, but some players use'em as a table rule. I guess they permit joker in chows...! What do you mean I'm making up rules as I go along? I resemble that remark! Maybe this was a dumb idea.


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