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FAQ 13D. Q: "I want to learn "true 4-player mah-jongg" but don't have 4 people to play it with, so what I want is rules for 2 or 3 people to play the true game of mah-jongg.

You need to choose a form of mah-jongg to learn, and learn the 4-player rules. Then come back to FAQ 13 and read the appropriate 2P or 3P rules for it. Start with FAQ 2 (click here or look in the nav frame at left and select FAQ 2). FAQ 2 will help you choose a form to study. FAQ 3 will help you find a book. All good mah-jongg books have sections on playing with 2 or 3 players. FAQ 4b will help you find websites. When you've learned the 4P rules for your chosen form of mah-jongg, come on back to FAQ 13.

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